Kevin Klinger | Ball State University (USA)

Kevin Klinger is Director of the Institute for Digital Fabrication at Ball State University, Associate Professor of Architecture and Director of the Post–Professional Master of Architecture program. He encourages explorations in digitally driven design, deploying techniques of digital fabrication. The Institute for Digital Fabrication operates with an ethic to “connect globally, and make locally,” as it strives to both contribute to the discourse on the impact of the digital technological shift, while playing a role in translating opportunities to engage local industry and community partners.

Bob Sheil | Bartlett School of Architecture (UK)

Bob Sheil is Senior Lecturer and Director of Technology and Computing at the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, where he also runs units that explore the relationship between the digital and analogue in issues such as craft, prototyping and adaptive architecture. In 2007 he established The Bartlett’s Digital Manufacturing Centre. He co-founded sixteen*(makers) whose most recent work, ‘55/02’, is an exploration of digital design and manufacturing in collaboration with manufacturers Stahlbogen GmbH, of Blankenburg, Germany.

Tomas Diez | Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia IaaC (Spain)

Tomas Diez is currently Project Manager of the Digital Fabrication Laboratory “Fab Lab Barcelona”, located at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) in Barcelona, Spain. He has participated in social and technological projects in Latin America and Europe, such as rehabilitation plans for marginal areas of Caracas, digital manufacturing installation Hyper-habitat for the XI Venice Architecture Biennale, the digital manufacturing to the Fab Lab House the Solar Decathlon Europe 2010. He investigates the use of digital fabrication tools to transform reality, and the search for a more fluid language between machines and humans. Relates the conscious and unconscious actions of human beings with the production of reality.

Gabriela Celani | UNICAMP (Brazil)

Gabriela Celani is Associate Professor at School of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Design at Universidade Estadual of Campinas  and Head of LAPAC – the laboratory of automation and prototyping for architecture and construction. She develops research  on  Computational Design which includes  the application of theories and technologies from computation, logic, mathematics and AI in Architecture and Urbanism. Her work focuses on rapid prototyping, digital fabrication, 3D digitation and design and automation of the design project.

Tobias Bonwetsch | ETH Zurique (Switzerland)

Tobias Bonwetsch is Senior Researcher at ETH’s Laboratory for Architecture and Digital Fabrication chaired by Gramazio & Kohler. His research is concerned with integrating the logic of digital fabrication into the architectural design process, with a special focus on additive production methods. As a result the brick façade for the Winery Gantenbein which received several awards was realized in 2006.  In 2010, Tobias Bonwetsch co-founded ROB Technologies, a company that develops and implements robotic manufacturing processes at the interface of architectural design and the building industry.

José Pedro Sousa | FAUP/DARQ/OpoLab, Portugal

José P. Sousa is an architect, researcher and professor, interested in exploring the new conceptual and material possibilities emerging from the use of advanced digital design and manufacturing technologies. He taught at ESARQ‐UIC and IAAC in Barcelona and currently at FAUP (Porto) and Darq (Coimbra). He co-founded the studio ReD, Research Design Studio, which got international recognition in the field, receiving important awards like the FEIDAD ’05. He is now co-director of OPOLAB, the laboratory of architecture and design in Porto.